Having lived in the Richmond area Dorenda has witnessed the fast-paced transformation of the city and counties over the years. A huge fan of The Commonwealth, Dorenda believes that there is a unique pattern of growth and interest in real estate and is excited to be a part of it.

Dorenda has worked in various industries on the local and regional levels in top management, business development, sales, real estate acquisitions and property management. She is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor/developer turned real estate agent. The combination of experience in service industries, business development, project management and the love of real estate provides buyers and sellers different perspectives and views when analyzing property.  Her knowledge of the market, professionalism and warm, friendly disposition are traits that cannot be overlooked.  

The key to getting the best value is to understand the market — whether one is buying or selling. Dorenda will walk with you step by step to make sure you thoroughly understand the process. Buying, selling, investment property, first time home buying, property management. She's there for you and with you all the way.  

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